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20 February 2012

CFH keeps planting trees thanks to its commitment to The Woodland Trust

Jonathan Burgess, Woodland Trust (left) with Jon Marsh, CFH (right) with students from Norton Hill School in Midsomer Norton.

CFH Total Document Management has helped plant 76,000 trees in British woodland through its relationship with The Woodland Trust over the last fifteen years. Now, the company is pledging to continue its support of the charity as it signs a new partnership for the next five years.

One of The Woodland Trust’s original corporate partners, CFH has been a firm supporter of the organisation through its Toptree Initiative.

When it was first launched fifteen years ago, The Toptree Initiative was one of the first corporate schemes to link tree planting with the use of sustainably sourced paper products, and was indeed ground-breaking for a print company.

By using Toptree supported printed paper products, CFH customers throughout the UK ensure that twice as many trees are planted in Woodland Trust woods and forests as were used to make the paper in the first place. As a result, the Toptree Initiative has added over 76,000 new broadleaf deciduous trees to woodlands in the UK since its inception.

By continuing its relationship with the Woodland Trust for a further five years, CFH is reaffirming its credentials as a company passionate about sustainability.

Dave Broadway, the firm’s managing director says, “I am 100% committed to sustainability in all its forms. With the environmental challenges we face today, conservation is not enough. We need restoration. Through our Toptree Initiative, we help plant trees to help regenerate UK woodland for all to enjoy.

“As well as our links with The Woodland Trust, as a company we are currently undertaking a two year project with the University of the West of England, which we estimate will enable us to save around 20% on our energy use.”

Sue East of the Woodland Trust says, “The commitment of CFH has been invaluable over the past fifteen years in helping us keep planting more native trees throughout the UK. We are delighted that they are continuing in their pledge to support us for the next five years.”

CFH has marked its relationship with The Woodland Trust at a tree planting at its local secondary school. Norton Hill School is joining in the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods campaign, which is aiming to plant one million trees in the month of February and six million trees throughout the year. The school has received 60 trees (a mix of birch, rowan and cherry) and a Royal Oak sapling from the Woodland Trust which they are planting in the school grounds.

CFH is currently developing a programme with the school which will encourage students in their cross-curriculum studies of sustainability and environmental issues.

In its own support of the Jubilee Woods campaign, CFH has created a special postal indicia which is currently running on all envelopes mailed through the company’s Docmail print and post service. Encouraging everyone to Plant a Tree for the Jubilee, CFH is hoping its contribution will encourage individuals and businesses to help the Woodland Trust reach its six million tree target.

The Woodland Trust project aims to create hundreds of Jubilee Woods throughout the UK, and 60 special Diamond Woods, transforming the UK landscape in a generation and providing a lasting and meaningful tribute for many years to come. This includes the Trust's exciting new flagship Diamond Wood in the heart of The National Forest in Leicestershire, a haven for wildlife and a wonderful monument to Her Majesty, open for all to enjoy.

CFH is a £28 million print and mail business, employing some 200 staff, based near Bath, Somerset. With litho and digital print (including digital colour), mail enclosing and sortation, an access agreement with Royal Mail, and as a licensed postal operator, CFH provides clients with a 'supply chain under one roof', going from plain paper to the final document, to the final user of that document, and to the final mile of delivery. CFH is the provider of Docmail, the market leading hybrid mail service.

For further information, contact:
Dave Broadway, CFH Total Document Management, Tel: 01761 416311

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20 February 2012
CFH keeps planting trees thanks to its commitment to The Woodland Trust

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